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This article is to help you know about the things that you should definitely avoid while getting your home or office interiors decorated as these mistakes would make them look cluttered. So if you are planning to give a makeover to your house then keep the following mentioned suggestions by Urban Modulars in your mind before going ahead with the interior designing.

  1.     Try to avoid furnishing your rooms with unwanted or oversized furniture or shelves as it looks clumsy and irritates the eyes.
  2.     An over occupied room turns your dwelling place to a dumping ground from a well planned one.
  3.     Do not ever fit anything forcefully in your house if it does not go with it. Just like a small sized shirt cannot fit to an extra large person your home also looks awkward with such stuff.
  4.     Only keep necessary things in display and remove the things that look better inside your wardrobe or boxes.
  5.     Never use poor lighting as it makes the premises look shabby.
  6.     Always be careful to first finalize your wall colors and then the suitable furniture later on.
  7.     Do not try it to get over budget. Do not buy everything all at once.
  8.     Add variety to your home do not keep everything of same nature so as to avoid monotony.
  9.     Let your windows flaunt their structure.
  10.     Do not arrange your furniture touching the walls and corners.

Keep something attractive at a point that is visible right from the entrance so that every visitor will get amazed at the only glance at your home.

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