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What is a Modular Kitchen?

A Modular kitchen is one that can be totally dismantled and put together in a new home or apartment as you want and when you want. In this type of kitchen, every module is made in the factory and all that would be done at the site is assembling and fixing.

What is a semi-modular Kitchen?

Semi-modular kitchen is one that is built around an existing civil structure. A few of its components like counter-top, sink, etc. are already built on-site by civil work professionals and they cannot be dismantled and moved to another location. In simple terms, a semi-modular kitchen is a blend of completely modular kitchen and carpenter-made or civil kitchen.

Difference between Modular & Semi-Modular Kitchen

Modular KitchenSemi-Modular Kitchen
Completely MovableImmovable
No civil work involvedCivil work involved
Design flexibility is highDesign flexibility is low
Dismantling and reassembling is easyDismantling and reassembling is not possible
Comparatively costlyComparatively cheap
Installation is easyInstallation is a bit tough
Cleaning and maintenance is easyCleaning and maintenance is slightly tougher
Offers ample and easy customization opportunitiesIt is hard to customise
More stylish and sophisticatedNot as good as modular ones
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